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Sales Terms
Prices Prices quoted or acknowledged are based on the cost of materials, labour at the time when orders are being placed. GIC does not practice issuing standard price list.

Order quantities are negotiable for each order. However, if the order value is too low for each part, GIC reserves the right to request for tool-set-up fees to compensate our factory.

Prices are subjected to revision if there are any subsequent changes in the product specifications or when there is any design change.

Tooling All tooling and related fixtures are for the exclusive use of customer who has paid for the items. However, payment of tooling charges does not convey the customer's right to remove any tooling from GIC's premises. No refund will be made once the tooling has been approved. Any tooling that are not used for the period of two years shall be considered inactive and new tooling may be required to reactivate the product. Any tooling modification required due to the change of product design or specification shall be at the expense of the customer.

No refund will be made once the tooling have been approved.

Samples GIC will provide reasonable number of off-tool or production samples to customer for approval. Production will not commence until customer's written approval of the samples is received.

It shall be the additional expense of the customer should they require additional samples for testing purposes.

Designs GIC shall manufacture products in accordance to customer's design stipulated in the drawings or per samples provided. GIC shall not be responsible for any product performance related problems due to design errors.

Patents GIC has no intention to deliberately manufacture any products which infringe on any patents. Products are made by GIC strictly in accordance to specifications furnished by customer. Customer shall indemnify GIC againts all loss, damages, costs and expenses incurred by GIC in connection with any claim for infringement of patents.

Delivery Delivery dates indicated in the order confirmation are approximate and require prompt receipt of all necessary information from customer. GIC shall inform cusotmer in writing if there is any delay in the delivery that is more than two weeks from the date stipulated in the order confirmation.

GIC shall not be liable to any delays caused by strike, fire, flood. accident, goods held by custom for inspection or any other causes beyond the control of GIC.

Any proposed changes made by the customer in product specification or design that may result in any delay of the delivery date shall be stipulated in the revised order confirmation.

GIC reserve the right to deliver products with variation of +/- 10% from the order quantities due to packing standards or unforeseen situations encountered during production.

Payments GIC reserves the right to suspend production at any time and to withhold deliveries of any or all goods ordered if any payment to be made by customer has not been made per the payment terms.

Cancellation Orders placed with GIC may only be cancelled with the agreement in writing by GIC. Customer shall indemnify GIC in full against any loss or any expenses that have been incurred by GIC as a result of cancellation.

Warranty, Return and Claim Policy GIC warrants that its products are free from defects in materials and workmanship subject to the following conditions:

- Defects shall be reported within 12 months from the date of delivery unless otherwise specified in the order.
- Products are not subjected to any improper use, negligence in handling/installation or exposure to any abnormal working conditions, rough climate, extreme environment, ...etc.
- Products are properly stored and no deterioration are reported due to improper storage environment.
- Fault reported is not due to design errors.

The warranty or claim shall not be extended to parts, materials or equipment not manufactured by GIC but are used in connection with the products supplied by GIC.

Quantities to be returned to GIC and associated cost related to faulty products shall be discussed and agreed in writing between GIC and the customer prior to the return.